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Ares MB Digital Plus - Digital X-ray unit

The X-ray unit movement is motorized, its speed is determined by the speed of an operator accompanying the unit and may reach up to 5 km/h. Swivel front wheels make it easy to navigate this unit during transportation and bring it to a required position.

Built-in rechargeable battery eliminates the necessity of searching for a plug socket while screening a patient, thus, saving time and simplifying the work of the personnel. Battery is recharged through a standard 220V plug socket.

Wide range of rotating angles of a monoblock, a rotating column and a telescopic tube stand makes it easy to set up the tube for any necessary projection.

Small size of the unit (width - less than 65 cm) and compact position for transport enable easy transportation of the unit in narrow spaces: corridors and rooms.

Safety key eliminates unauthorized unit transportation or usage, so there is no need in a separate storage room for this unit. Built-in anti-collision sensors prevent collision during transportation.

Integrated work station (digital version) allows immediate image evaluation, data recording (CD / DVD / USB (flash drive)) and sending to PACS or RIS via DICOM. Furthermore, a built-in hard drive allows storing patient data, screening parameter and a large number of images (up to 15,000).

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X-Ray Equipment

Stationary X-ray systems, C-arms, Mobile X-ray units, Mammography Units.

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