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Full range of equipment for small beauty salons and aesthetics clinics which enable to conduct painless and effective body shaping procedures by using shock-wave and ultrasound technologies.

Beauty bed

Beauty bed for cosmetology

Ergonomic design

Safety and reliability

Liposuction unit

Ultrasound lipolysis

Non-invasive liposuction

Effective technology

Pressotherapy unit

Lymph drainage apparatus

Pressotherapy equipment

Air proof cuff kits

Body analyzer

Ultrasound body analyzer

Body diagnostics

Printing of results

Shock-wave therapy device

Combined shock-wave therapy unit

Solution for multifield hospitals

Maximal penetration depth

Shock-wave therapy device

Compact shock-wave therapy device

Maximal penetration depth

Focus depth

Shock-wave therapy device

High-frequency shock-wave system

Radial shock-wave applicator

Shock-wave penetration depth

Shock-wave therapy device

Compact and mobile

Built-in compressor

Shock frequency

Capsule for ozone therapy

Equipment for physiotherapy

Programmed ozone therapy


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