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LM-8 - lensmeters

• LED illuminated target for brighter, glare-free viewing
• Crosshair style target
• High and wide field eyepiece provides less shading effect and is less fatiguing
• Improved marking device
• Battery operated
• Contact lens measurement
• Built-in prism compensator

The Topcon LM-8 lensmeter makes measuring of lenses with a low range cylindrical power easy. The technological harmony of high magnification optics and excellent wide field eyepiece make this possible. The LM-8 lensmeter is battery operated with LED-light.

The Topcon LM-8 lensmeter has an improved optical system and a LED illuminated target for glare-free viewing and fatigue-free operation. The instrument also features a new cartridge type marking device and a re-designed eyepiece.



Topcon’s Original Cross Line

Scale reading


Vertex power scale

0 to ± 25 diopters

Vertex power scalegraduation

0.125D up to ± 5 D / 0.25D above ± 5


0 to 6 prismdiopters 1 ∆ graduations


+3 to –5 diopters

Lens diameter

24mm to 90mm in diameter

Tilt angle

0 to 90 degree, freelyadjustable

Light source

LED 570 nm


160 (W) x 420 (D) x 310 (H)mm


approx. 4.0 kg

Power source

Battery operated (1.5V sizeD x2) Auto shut off 5 min.

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