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Gaia - digital mammography unit

Mammography unit with large-format digital detector based on amorphous selenium technology (24x30 cm). This enables to produce the highest signal/noise ratio and offers greater efficiency compared to other known technologies.

Combination of tungsten anode tube and X-ray tube rhodium filtration gives an opportunity to reduce a radiation dose and to obtain high-quality images of breast regardless of its thickness or consistency.

Mammography stand can be isocentric (mostly comes with an attachment for stereotactic biopsy) or non-isocentric (without stereotactic equipment).

Built-in workstation controls exposure parameters, has image viewing programs, graphic functions and DICOM tools.

A professional workstation includes LCD display for database management, two monochrome high-resolution monitors (5 MPixel) for image observing; mammography software; DICOM-package that integrates mammography unit to RIS-HIS-PACS interface.

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