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CL-300 - lensmeters

The Topcon CL-300 is a computerised lensmeter with a touch screen panel and UV meter.

• LCD colour touch panel
• Compact slim body
• Automatic mono- & multi-focal detection
• UV transmittance measurement
• Green measurement light beam

The compact, ergonomic design of the Topcon CL-300 and intuitive touch colour screen panel ensures that measurements can be easily and quickly obtained. The CL-300 measures all types of lenses, including progressive lenses. Contact lenses can easily and comfortably be measured with the Topcon CL-300 as well. Due to the green light reading beam, ABBE compensation is no longer required.

Its new UV measurement function provides information on the ultraviolet transmittance in the range of 0% to 100%, providing reliable measurement results for eyeglasses and sunglasses.

The Topcon CL-300 computerised lensmeter is available with PD measurement as factory option.

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